2015/05/29 Boosting Confidence in New Manufacturing Technologies 2015/05/27 Crowd-sourced Formal Verification Program Generates Thousands of Software Annotations 2015/05/26 CHIKV Challenge Announces Winners, Progress toward Forecasting the Spread of Infectious D... 2015/05/22 Shedding Light on Untapped Information in Photons 2015/05/21 HELLADS Laser Achieves Acceptance For Field Testing 2015/05/21 SWEEPER Demonstrates Wide-Angle Optical Phased Array Technology 2015/05/18 Fast Track Program Invites Non-Traditional Roboticists to Help Bolster National Security 2015/05/14 Five High School Students Win Robots4Us Video Contest—and a Trip to the DARPA Robot... 2015/05/11 Brainstorm with DARPA on a “100x Zoom Lens” for Seeing Distant Space Objects ... 2015/05/07 Tern Tech Offshoots Show Potential for New UAS Capabilities at Sea 2015/04/27 DARPA Aims to Accelerate Memory Function for Skill Learning 2015/04/27 EXACTO Guided Bullet Demonstrates Repeatable Performance against Moving Targets 2015/04/13 N-ZERO Envisions “Asleep-yet-Aware” Electronics that Could Revolutionize Remo... 2015/04/08 DARPA Seeks to Create Software Systems That Could Last 100 Years 2015/04/06 Marine Corps Leadership “Very Pleased” with 1st Successful Demonstration of D... 2015/04/01 New DARPA Programs Simultaneously Test Limits of Technology, Credulity 2015/03/31 THoR Aims to Help Future Patients “Weather the Storm” of Infection 2015/03/30 Operating in Contested Environments 2015/03/26 Wanted: Technologies to Enable Automated Lookouts for Unmanned Surface Vessels 2015/03/26 DARPA Shares Its Vision for the Future m.deoxy.org