Action on climate change is cheaper than inaction 2014 warmest year since records began COP20 — Lima Climate Conference Ebola Outbreak In West Africa Foreign aid: rebounds in 2013 to highest levels ever despite budget pressures, but still way below p... Foreign aid: shortfall since 1970 almost $5 trillion; greater than aid given 75% of the world’s large carnivores are now in decline while rhino poaching continues to soar Tobacco kills. Higher taxes and advertising controls work COP19 - Warsaw Climate Conference Global warming has not paused, unfortunately Surveillance State: NSA Spying and more World military spending in 2012 was just over $1.7 trillion. This was the first fall, albeit a small... Austerity and Structural Adjustment for Europe 19% of reptiles under threat of extinction and 100 million sharks being killed each year Even a small increase in global temperature will have a severe impact on coral reefs Rhino hunting on increase The world is awash with money; trillions hidden offshore Global arms sales sharply increased in 2011 compared to 2010 COP18 - Doha Climate Conference Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development