Shiny Happy Test Suites (Visualizing your test suites) (English 21:14) Pimp Your Mac with Perl (English 18:46) DTrace War Stories (English 22:03) Coffee RIY: Roast It Yourself (English 23:50) Growing Perl Developers (English 51:23) Calendars Hate the Living (English 15:12) Perl Testing 101: 82% of What You Need to Be a Competent Perl Tester (English 56:16) A Test Driven Developers Cookbook (English 44:02) Adventures in Optimization (English 54:25) Keynote YAPC::NA 2014 (English 54:27) Interchange6 - Open Source Shop Machine (German 22:14) Perl driven Apliance (Dutch 41:38) Performance Profiling with Devel::NYTProf (English 49:52) Bootstrapping a useful development environment in 20 minutes (English 19:22) What's new in Mojolicious 5.0 (English 18:51) First Time CPAN Contributor (English 23:56) Mojolicious and Content-Security-Policy (English 04:24) Fight Night: Vim vs Emacs (English 04:19) Fight Night: MySQL vs Postgres (English 04:13) Lightning Talks Introduction LPW2011 (English 02:22)