The Sentinel Mission: Finding the Asteroid Headed for Earth Pluto on the Horizon: Anticipating our First Encounter with the Double Planet Images of the Infant Universe The Copernicus Complex: Are We Special in the Cosmos? Monster Black Holes Lifting the Cosmic Veil: Highlights from a Decade of the Spitzer Space Telescope Black Widow Pulsars: The Vengeful Corpses of Stars Exploding Stars, New Planets, Black Holes and the Crisis at the Lick Observatory The Chelyabinsk Meteor: Can We Survive a Bigger Impact? The Modern Origins Story: How the Universe Went From Smooth to Lumpy New Worlds and Yellowstone: How Common Are Habitable Planets? The Dawn of Creation: The First Two Billion Years The Black Hole Wars: My Battle with Stephen Hawking Saturn's Restless Rings: Results from the Cassini Mission Being a Mars Rover: What it's Like to be an Interplanetary Explorer Brown Dwarfs and Free Floating Planets: When You are Just Too Small to be a Star Prospecting for Water on the Moon: The LCROSS Mission How Galaxies Were Cooked From the Primordial Soup The Allen Telescope Array: The Newest Pitchfork for Exploring the Cosmic Haystack